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Module 1

Learn basics of English conversational

In this module you'll get to know about the daily English words you use how to pronounce it correctly.

Learn basics of English conversational

Module duration 60 minutes.

Module 2

How to prepare any speech?

Inside this module, you'll learn the exact system that you can use to create any kind of speech.

Prepare any speech in matter of minutes.

Duration 60 minutes

Module 3

Casual English slang & Ready made sentences

This module is all about English casual slang. And you'll get to know about Conversion English Tips.

Beef Up your conversational english with slangs

Duration 60 minutes.

Module 4

How to instantly think about any topic.

Inside this module, you'll How to give any speech without preparation. W.H formula to think about any kind of speech with in a minute.

Give speech without preparation

Duration 60 minutes.
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Module 5

Picking and getting stylish sentences

This module is all about ready made & beautiful sentences that you can use when you meet with someone and when you are about to go how to greet them.

Use Beautiful styles sentences

Duration 60 minutes.

Module 6

Telephonic conversation sentences

Inside this module, you'll learn how to talk to someone over phone call.

Learn telephonic sentences & how to use in different scenario?

Duration 60 minutes

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